Compliance with the Rules

AQS GLOBAL respects national and international law applicable in Vietnam and in every other country in which AQS GLOBAL does business. To ensure respect of this principle, the Companies of AQS GLOBAL adopt Organization, Management and Control Models, whose purpose is the prevention of offenses in general and corporate administrative liability.


AQS GLOBAL has dedicated Working Group, the relations between the activities carried out by its companies, in the light of safeguarding impartiality and preventing conflicts of interest, so as to allow the provision of engineering services and conformity assessment services, while ensuring compliance with the applicable accreditation and authorization rules.

The scope of the Impartiality Guidelines is to disseminate within AQS GLOBAL the knowledge of impartiality and independence principles, which represent essential requirements for conformity assessment activities. At the same time, while ensuring compliance with the independence of individual AQS GLOBAL companies, these Guidelines define behavior principles that each of them must adopt when carrying out activities that, if associated with each other and not properly managed, may represent a threat to impartiality.

Financial Integrity and Anti-Fraud Fight

AQS GLOBAL carries out all financial operations and transactions observing the principles of integrity and transparency and, in any case, it does not carry out any fraudulent operations or transactions. Therefore, every financial operation has to be correctly authorized, verifiable, legitimate, coherent and adequate.

Fight against corruption

AQS GLOBAL refuses corruption as an instrument to execute its business. Bribing is not allowed in any circumstance or even if just to attempt to bribe elected holders of national and international public office, public officials or public service providers, as private individuals. Nobody can promise or give money or other advantages in order to obtain undue benefits for AQS GLOBAL or for himself. Moreover, nobody can ask for money or other advantages in order to carry out undue services.

Safeguarding intellectual property

AQS GLOBAL is aware of the importance of intellectual property and for this reason it respects and defends the content of every type of own intellectual property or belonging to others, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intangible assets.


AQS GLOBAL recognizes that fair competition is a fundamental element for the development of corporate business. Therefore, AQS GLOBAL respects the applicable antitrust rules and competition loyalty rules and in no case does AQS GLOBAL carry out acts or adopt behavior contrary to free and fair competition.

Correctness in the Conduct of Business and Company Activities

In business relations and conduct of company activities, AQS GLOBAL has undertaken to act in a clear and correct way, with conduct characterized by loyalty, sense of responsibility and good faith.

Relationship of Trust with Stakeholders

The goals of the company, the proposal and realization of projects and investments must be made in order to increase the assets and the administrative, technological and cognitive values of the company as well as the creation of value and wealth for all Stakeholders. To ensure transparency of the operativeness of the management, AQS GLOBAL defines, executes and sequentially updates an articulate and homogenous corporate governance system inherent to both its own organizational structure and the relationships with third parties, in compliance with national and international best practice standards, knowing that the corporate ability to give itself functional efficient and effective rules represents an essential instrument to strengthen its reputation in terms of reliability and transparency and the confidence of the Stakeholders.

Reciprocity and Co-operation

The ideal moving force of the Ethical Code is concerned with the reciprocal advantage that all interested parties can receive, by conforming to reciprocal and cooperative ethical conduct.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment are three important values which form the basis of the AQS GLOBAL Group entrepreneurial philosophy and these apply to the statutory activities of AQS GLOBAL companies. These important concepts are recalled in the Policy relevant to Health, Safety and the Environment, a document which identifies the philosophy through which AQS GLOBAL intends to pursue its entrepreneurial goals.